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About Us

The company was founded with sole aim of providing services to source, develop and deliver the right merchandise as per the acceptable international quality standards and to create a bond between the buyer and the seller.

Our uncompromising quality standards, valuable services and individual attention has helped us to achieve our corporate objective of Customer satisfaction. As a team of dedicated professionals, we try to completely satisfy our customers. Presently we are catering to respected Clients from , GERMANY, POLAND, SPAIN CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA.


With a base of developed factories specializing in their respective home Products we have the capacity to cater to any query from any buyer for Home Furnishings, hard goods etc. We carefully and closely analyze the Factories based on the strengths and weaknesses in terms of their Infrastructure, production capacity, innovative product designing and Development, management, working conditions, production processes and their attitude towards work. Once the factory is approved to be suitable for working as per required standards we then segregate them into different categories based on their production capacities and product uniqueness.

This categorization helps us in serving different buyers with different needs and also helps us in allocating the various orders to different factories according to their strengths and capacities.


We believe in improving the production process so that a flawless product is produced.

We sit with the vendor at their factories and study the production process and incorporate necessary changes to it so that the product is "right the first time" . With our dedicated team willing to put in their expertise into the product we try and accomplish our aim of "Total customer Satisfaction"


Correct and prompt development and delivery of shipments is the essence of our service. Hence all orders are closely monitored to ensure that they are shipped on time as per the schedule. We keep regular track of all our shipments and send regular shipping update to our clients keeping them fully informed about all their orders.